Our experienced team of SECU-CHEK specialists and scientists invents electrostatic spraying systems especially optimized for the FPI (fluorescent penetrant inspection), which is usually used in automotive and aviation industries.


  • extremely even application

  • very thin layer thickness

  • minimal developer consumption

Your advantages in practice:

  • full control of the layer thickness by the user

  • extremely constant layer quantity and continuous developer layer thickness

  • layer quantity adjustable by the user

  • easy visual level control inside the container

  • based on Wagner electrostatic components

  • very good residual emptying of the powder container

  • easy replacement of wet developer

  • easy handling and training for new employees

  • EX-protected pistol for maximum application safety (explosion-proof)

Delivery of new systems and complete plants & expansion of existing systems


More efficiency and automation

  • conception, disposal and installation of new electrostatic SECU-CHEK spraying systems for FPI

    • manual electrostatic spraying systems with "state-of-the-art" technology

    • automatic electrostatic spraying systems for even more efficiency

​​Investment security: upgrade your existing spraying system

  • enhancement of your manual system or automatic system with SECU-CHEK technology

  • in many cases we can expand or convert your existing Wagner system or -equipment!

  • upgrade of existing electrostatic spraying systems for more efficiency and automation



Benefit from the unique SECU-CHEK quality:


What you won't find in many other automatic systems: Repeatable Process Security


>> proven safe, repeatable and even application of the developer for automatic processes by the SECU-CHEK technology





Rely on professional quality from SECU-CHEK experts for industry professionals:


  • easy installation

  • significant improvements on the sensitivity of the FPI penetration test

  • very consistent process repeatability



FPI Penetration test application:

Our automated static spraying systems fascinate users worldwide.

Our highly qualified specialists and scientists will be happy to assist you in answering your questions and improving the quality of your work.

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