Process Consulting

NDT Consulting for FPI, MPI, leak detection etc. including state-of-the-art UV-LED technology

The process auf NDT (non-destructive testing) ensure that errors and accidents can be reduced and prevented regarding industrial production and also products and machines in a wide variety of industries. Hence it is just as important to have efficient and effective NDT procedures. This is the decisive factor for economic success in addition to the aspect of security.

SECU-CHEK provides perfectly tailored process consulting services for all variants of NDT.

  • Prevent the risk of accidents and unplanned stoppages of your NDT facilities

  • Know-How to manage all individual NDT-challenges

  • practical and specialized approaches to solve these NDT-problems

SECU-CHEK offers you a wide range of perfectly adapted equipment and consumables for your individual test situation - and that with personal project support from A to Z by our NDT experts

We are happy to get overall positive feedback and recommendations from our costumers and we are motivated and work hard to optimize new NDT projects for FPI Lines and other NDT systems that our costumers enjoy working with them:

Our mission is to provide you the best NDT process consulting with the result of holistically optimized processes for your NDT facilities

Process Consulting for Penetrant Lines for FPI

  • manual

  • semi-automatic

  • full-automatic

  • components


Benefit from the following advantages with SECU-CHEK for your NDT systems with optimized dye penetrant testing

  • Reduce costs and increase ROI

  • Ensure safety and integrity of your facilities

  • Improve the business processes within your factory

  • Reduce material consumption

  • Non-conformance support / NADCAP support etc. / Qualification Support in our own laboratory

  • Benefit from our practical approach combined with our leading technology

Expert advice?

Call +49 6805-942859-0 / Email:

  • Advice from experienced experts
  • Solutions individually tailored to your requirements
  • Price advantage through direct sales
  • Quality Made in Germany

Your unfair advantage over the competition with the "state-of-the-art" technology systems for dye penetrant testing from SECU-CHEK

  • Save time and money with the most up-to-date and appropriate NDT-tools and techniques

  • SECU-CHEK has the focus on integrating the NDT-systems and -processes in your existing processes for maximum efficiency

  • Always up to date to changes and improvements with the research, development and laboratory of SECU-CHEK

  • Innovative solutions with the standardized but extremly flexible NDT-Modules vom SECU-CHEK

  • Inhouse Software-Integration with SECU-CHEK for automated NDT

Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection - UV-LED technology - NDT - Non-destructive Testing - aerospace process consulting - SECU-CHEK
NDT (Non-destructive testing) and Leak Detection with NDT process consulting vom SECU-CHEK
Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection - UV-LED technology - NDT - Non-destructive Testing - aerospace process consulting - SECU-CHEK
NDT Process Consulting combined with Inhouse Software-Integration - NDT Laboratory
NDT process consulting and FPI-Lines industry sector construction machinery industrial machinery SECU-CHEK

SECU-CHEK is at home in industries where failure is not an option. Our NDT systems contain innovative automation technology and are individually tailored to your requirements – safe, well thought-out and future-proof.

NDT Process Consulting,Inhouse Software-Integration,Control Center Monitoring in FPI lines / Penetrant Fluorescent Inspection by SECU-CHEK

NDT Process Consulting combined with Inhouse Software-Integration

Industry 4.0 and NDT (Non-destructive Testing): Welcome to the future!

  • Real-Time controlling of the overall NDT-process seamlessly integrated within your business process IT
  • IFTTT automated NDT processes, for example integrated adaptation time signaling for compliance with the relevant test standards
  • Multi parameter and multi technology NDT Integration
  • Embedded hardware for NDT-Systems
  • Embedded software for NDT-facilities
  • Smart sensors for realtime NDT-controling
  • Data processing and NDT-data mining

With SECU-CHEK process consulting you are able to get a seamless Industry 4.0 – integration / PLC control / robot programming and much more. Electronic display and monitoring of all relevant process parameters (e.g. Nadcap CAP checklist AC7114 / 1 point temperature monitoring of the furnace, etc.) and also parameters like the emulsifier concentration with electronic display and monitoring are no problem for our team of experienced NDT-specialists.

SECU-CHEK If Failure is not an Option

Conception, construction and commissioning of your future-proof dye penetrant testing system from one single source. Planning security and guaranteed practical suitability with SECU-CHEK.

"The SECU-CHEK technology enables you to have a system perfectly adapted to your test situation for liquid penetrant testing as a complete system - and that with personal project support from A to Z by our NDT experts"

We look forward to your inquiry!

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