UV Inspection Cabinets for penetrant testing systems (NDT)

Dark rooms for visual evaluation: Optimized interpretation with evaluation booths from SECU-CHEK

Test cabins or evaluation booths are the heart of a penetration test system. Here in the dark booth, the visual inspection is carried out during the FPI inspection (fluorescent penetrant inspection), so that the result of the test is then determined:

  • OK: Test object OK
  • NOK: test object not OK

The components are checked under UV light, so that valid and reliable displays are made possible in accordance with the NDT process specifications. Test rooms for non-destructive material testing fulfill an important task. The interaction of various factors in the planning, conception and construction of an evaluation cabin determines whether the dark booth can be seamlessly integrated into the penetrant testing process and how user-friendly, safe and efficient testing can be.

SECU-CHEK is your manufacturer for individually calculated and planned uv inspection cabinets that are precisely tailored to your requirements

Everything from a single source for your intelligent NDT evaluation cabin

Individual test booths in all sizes including subdivisions according to your needs

optionally with complete interior fittings such as tables, suction, UV lighting, white light installation

optional control of the light scenarios via PLC, safety shutdown when working in the dark and much more.

Test booths for evaluating fluorescent displays for magnetic particle testing, penetrant testing and fluorescent dye penetrant testing

It is important that the user is enabled to work in a concentrated, fatigue-free and stress-free manner.

We take this user-centered approach into account in our systems and test cabins for fluorescent penetrant testing and magnetic particle testing with a wide variety of innovations:

  • We offer different test cabins with and without air conditioning
  • Important for a quiet working environment: we also offer UV lights with temperature-controlled fan cooling
  • You can also get both sound-insulated and thermally insulated UV test cabins from us
  • A color integration into the existing work environment in the plant is also possible, matching the overall picture
  • While the inside of the evaluation booth can be equipped with black and low-reflection properties for optimal test conditions, the company’s own corporate identity is visible on the outside

Benefit from our years of experience with inspection booths and especially cabins for crack testing, so that you and your employees have the best possible conditions for a stress-free and effective test in the evaluation cabinet.

System for dye penetrant testing -penetration system-SECU-CHECK
Planning of uv test cabins and evaluation booths. Individual design and years of experience in building and setting up dark rooms for NDT make us your perfect partner for test booths for optimized visual inspection.
Test cabins for dye penetrant testing systems for NDT (non-destructive material testing). Customized evaluation booths, dark booths individually planned for optimized visual inspection.

Highlights of the evaluation cabinets: Individual SECU-CHEK test inspection booths for optimized dye penetrant testing (NDT)

  • Test booths with maximum process reliability

  • User-centered functionality within the dark booth

  • Evaluation booths with innovative UV lighting scenarios for fatigue-free work

  • Minimized background fluorescence in the test booth for the dye penetrant inspection

  • Extended visual inspection with peripheral vision thanks to UV formity technology in the blackout cabin

  • Trouble-free continuous operation of the cabin for visual evaluation thanks to electronic monitoring

  • Eco-Mode: Save energy with intelligent technology in the uv inspection cabinet

  • Higher productivity and better ROI through more efficient processes

  • Future-proof investment: technology-leading and modularly adaptable and expandable at any time

Customize the test booth - full flexibility when planning your evaluation booth

SECU-CHEK looks after and supports you in all details from A to Z for your dark booth

Construction / material

  • Material of the test cabin as steel construction or aluminum profile system
  • e.g. Electrically welded steel frame construction as NDT cabin
  • Test booth frame made of hollow and rolled profiles etc.
  • Individual inspection cabins in all sizes possible
  • Blackout cabin with subdivision as required

Walls / surfaces

  • Evaluation booth exterior walls with individual exterior and interior cladding
  • Walls made of sheet metal / painted surfaces / laminate surface / Formica surface
  • Laminated board HPL (High Pressure Laminate)
  • painted or coated metal surfaces
  • high-quality HPL surfaces such as Formica

Doors / entrances

  • Entrance / doors of the cabin for visual inspection
  • open or closed test cabin
  • Entrances with folding doors, sliding doors or curtains
  • Curtains for the test cabin: fabric or plastic curtains, e.g. Strip curtains / slats

Cranes / feeder

  • Test cabin with crane
  • Equipped with inlets for ceiling cranes
  • innovative conveyor systems and conveyor routes in the penetrant testing system
  • Trolley logistics system in the dark booth
  • Feeding workpiece carriers with components manually or automatically
  • Roll containers, test containers and much more.

Acoustical / thermal insulation

  • thermal insulation of the evaluation booth
  • Test cabin equipped with air conditioning
  • acoustic insulation for quiet work
  • acoustic shielding and isolation of the test bench
  • Sound insulation for test cabin
  • Soundproof booth for test bench
  • Noise protection cabin elements

UV-LED lighting systems

  • Stationary UV-LED lights with measured UV-LED intensity in the room
  • Technology-leading UV lighting with UV-LED modules with flexible and angled 360 ° mounting
  • Automatic stop if individual UV-LED elements fail
  • Continuous system health monitoring integrated in the industrial UV-LED Lamps
  • electronic fan cooling for increased product life of the UV-LED Lamps

Exterior design / corporate identity (CI)

  • Test booth exterior design with the CI (Corporate Identiy)
  • Evaluation booth color outside and inside freely configurable
  • customized lettering
  • individual color design, adaptation to the CI (corporate identity)
  • high-quality optics to meet the CI requirements,
  • Pleasant working atmosphere thanks to the friendly design of the test cabin
  • Visually good integration into the production environment

Interior fittings / interior

  • Order the interior fittings of the dark cabin directly from a single source
  • Interior fittings, tables etc. for applications such as dye penetrant crack detection / leak detection / penetration test
  • e.g. Heat exchange plates, we recommend a completely black, non-reflective surface inside
  • Extraction in the evaluation booth
  • UV lights for the blackout cabin
  • White light equipment for the crack testing cabin

Roof / floor / insulation

  • Roof of the dark cabin optionally accessible and much more.
  • Darkroom with special floor and industrial insulation
  • Evaluation booth with base plate or industrial floor
  • Test cabin with insulation and light and weather-resistant solid paint coating and much more.
  • clever, complete integration of the UV lighting

Norms & standards / NDT

  • Dark booth for NDT in accordance with all relevant norms and standards
  • Test booth penetrant test ASTM E1417
  • Evaluation booths conforming to DIN EN 571
  • Inspection cabins NDT suitable for DIN EN ISO 3452
  • own laboratory to maintain conformity and re-qualify for new standards

Industry 4.0 / controlling / process management

  • Integration of Industry 4.0 in the NDT test cabin
  • Test cabin with seamless Industry 4.0 integration / PLC control / robot programming and much more.
  • Electronic display and monitoring of all relevant process parameters in the cabin for NADCAP etc.
  • opt. Control: Light control of the light scenarios via PLC
  • Safety circuit when working in the dark

Fire protection

  • Fire protection requirements for the NDT cabin, partly DIN 4102-3, DIN EN 13501-1, REI 30, REI90, F30, T30, etc.
  • Fire protection-compliant conception, planning, production and assembly of the test cabin
  • Optional certified acceptance by an external expert
  • Consideration of all fire protection regulations for the evaluation booth
  • fire-resistant marking of test booths
  • Cabins for visual inspection with fire-resistant materials and fire-retardant windows and doors

New construction / 3D modeling

  • New test booths including planning and conception
  • 3D modeling of the evaluation cabin in advance for seamless integration into existing NDT systems
  • Delivery and assembly of the crack test cabin including instruction and training

Reconstruction / expansion

  • Expansion and conversion of existing evaluation booths
  • Process optimization and consulting to increase the ROI
  • Test cabin extension and conversion to increase process reliability

Re-qualification / recalibration

  • Test booths re-qualification for new NDT norms and standards
  • Recalibration and targeted expansion and renewal of the test booths UV technology (e.g. also with UV intensity meter or Lux Meter)
  • Overhaul evaluation booths for visual inspection and make them fit for the future

Expert advice?

Call +49 6805-942859-0 / Email: info@secu-chek.de

  • Advice from experienced experts
  • Solutions individually tailored to your requirements
  • Price advantage through direct sales
  • Quality Made in Germany

Test cabins for all types of penetration testing systems, regardless of the degree of automation

Measuring stations and test stands for non-destructive material testing always require a test cabin. The better the inspection booth is thought out, the better it can be integrated into the test bench. However, dark booths differ not only in the way they are installed. Evaluation booths are used in manual penetration systems for individual parts and small series, as well as in partially automated penetration testing systems with changing component series for NDT testing or in fully automated penetration testing systems.

Quality of the test cabin for the process, the employees and the production environment – a matter of course for us

  • With the inspection booth, the ergonomics of the employees is in the foreground for us. The inspectors and colleagues who stand in the blackout booth every day should be able to work productively in it
  • high process reliability within the inspection cabin
  • Well thought-out integration of the inspection cabin into the entire production environment of the penetrant testing system (Penetrant Testing)

We also check which processes within the dark booth can relieve the employees during the penetration test. Depending on the size of the components, we also offer you the right options for installing cranes, lifting aids, etc.
We would be happy to advise you in order to ensure that the individual components work together optimally within the inspection cabin.

Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection - UV-LED technology - NDT - Non-destructive Testing - aerospace process consulting - SECU-CHEK

Calculate the test booth - the most important questions when planning and designing the evaluation booth for the dye penetrant testing system

  • How do you calculate and determine the required size of the test booth?
  • Buy a test booth and expand it at a later date, is that possible?
  • How flexibly adaptable and expandable is the cabin for crack testing in the future?
  • Which modules do I need in the test cabin? What is required for our special test situation in the dark booth?
  • What are the key functions in the booth for crack testing?
  • How compatible are individual components such as an overhead crane or another conveyor system with the test cabin?
  • Who will take care of setting up and installation of the evaluation booth for the dye penetrant testing system including instruction?
  • What UV illumination and intensity do I need in the inspection cabin for reliable test results?
  • Integration of the UV-LED lamps (NDT UV lights) and control in the test cabin where and how, so that you can work as efficiently as possible?
  • What mounting options and free spaces are there in the crack test cabin for the UV-LED modules?
  • Do the processes and safety mechanisms in the test cabin meet all the requirements of NDT including standards and norms?
  • Will I receive a briefing and test cabin PDF instructions with all the relevant functions?
  • Does my budget plan for the evaluation booth fit?
  • Can I keep to the schedule up to the commissioning of the test booth and the entire dye penetrant system?
  • Who guarantees the functionality and practicality of the entire test cabin?

Test booth of a system for the dye penetration method (fluorescent penetrant inspection)

NDT test cabins with Industry 4.0 integration

Test cabins combined with Industry 4.0 are our specialty. Systems for luorescent dye penetrant inspection must be more and more closely interlinked with the rest of the production processes, so that digitization with Industry 4.0 also finds its way into the evaluation booths.

This is a real advantage for NDT (non-destructive testing), because certain parameters and values ​​in the test cabin are available directly “on the fly” at the corresponding points in monitoring and controlling, and annoying handwritten and manually created reports are a thing of the past.

The crack testing cabin can be more automated and networked with our Industry 4.0 integration, so that the overall system, namely the testing cabin including the entire crack testing system, is more closely interlinked and employees and colleagues feel that their work is significantly easier.

The measured values ​​are automatically transferred in the dark booth and certain rules can be installed in the processes within the test booth. Imagine that the test process can only be started when the adaptation time has been adhered to. This is one of the many simplifications in the crack testing cabin that are possible and thus firmly implement process reliability and are not dependent on individual people.

Take the next step and have your individual Industry 4.0 test cabin planned, built and delivered so that you can immediately achieve higher productivity and a significant reduction in stress in the test team.

Industry 4.0 test cabins from SECU-CHEK increase productivity and process reliability and reduce your use of materials and energy

Test booth Industry 4.0 with more overview & control

  • Monitoring of the process parameters including electronic display, e.g. temperature monitoring, PLC control with corresponding interfaces in the crack testing cabin, digital display of the parameters in the inspection cabin, etc.

Industry 4.0 blackout cabin with more transparent measured values

  • automated reporting and direct process insight in the test cabin

Industry 4.0 evaluation booth with complete process reliability

  • UV lights (for uv light inspection) in the test cabin with pre-set or level3 adaptable adaptation time signaling including monitoring by central PLC control.

Expert advice?

Call +49 6805-942859-0 / Email: info@secu-chek.de

  • Advice from experienced experts
  • Solutions individually tailored to your requirements
  • Price advantage through direct sales
  • Quality Made in Germany
NDT Process Consulting,Inhouse Software-Integration,Control Center Monitoring in FPI lines / Penetrant Fluorescent Inspection by SECU-CHEK

Further advantages of the SECU-CHEK test cabins for penetrant testing systems

  • Reduction of personnel costs through innovative automation within the evaluation booth
  • user-friendly work ergonomics in the crack testing cabin
  • reliable reporting and traceability of test results in the dark booth
  • Test cabin and penetrant testing system with low operating costs

Many variants of penetrant testing systems - individually tailored to your requirements

Examples of implemented test cabins in penetration testing systems

  • Test booth as a penetration test station for the application of the fluorescent penetrant inspection process or the crack test red-white
  • Dark booth for manual penetration testing system for the fluorescent test procedure including electrostatic spraying system for the developer (E-static developer station)
  • Evaluation booths in semi-automatic systems for dye penetrant testing for the use of fluorescent penetrant testing
  • Cabin for crack testing in a penetration station with an innovative conveyor system with workpiece carriers or roll containers

There are also providers of test cabins from other industries, but most of them do not specialize in test cabins for NDT applications:

  • Test cabins with contact protection (Link)
  • Walk-in test cabins for functional tests in industry (Link)
  • Industrial test cabins (Link)
  • Test cabins for wheel discs (Link)
  • Test cabins as a sound measurement room (Link)

Crack testing cabins including technology-leading UV lighting for the penetration process

Inspection booth / test stand for evaluation

  • Test cabin for penetrant testing according to EN ISO 3452
  • Evaluation cabin with test table as mobile and stationary version possible
  • Cabin for visual inspection including exhaust air / suction (stationary or mobile)
  • Several test cabins possible in larger penetration test systems
  • Several viewing areas with blackout cabin and UV lighting can also be implemented


Loading and unloading systems with feed to the test cabin including goods racks / transport baskets / container construction

  • Material: stainless steel or plastic
  • open or closed
  • round or rectangular
  • optionally reinforced, with special surface coating, insulation and much more.
  • different bottoms (flat, inclined, funnel shape, arched dished bottom according to DIN 28011, …)

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Main areas of application of systems for dye penetrant testing FPI

Test cabins for NDT systems for dye penetrant testing are used in all conceivable industries and are tailored by us to the respective test situation:

  • Evaluation cabins in penetrant testing systems for the aviation industry
  • Test booths for space travel and rocket construction
  • Crack test booths in the defense and military sector
  • Test booths in the automotive industry
  • Cabins for visual inspection in mechanical engineering
  • Crack test cabins in shipbuilding
  • Inspection booth for fluorescent penetrant testing for energy suppliers and power plant operators
  • Dark cabin for container construction
  • Fluorescence penetrant test booths for cast parts, turbines
  • Test cabins for the steel industry
  • and much more.

Receive an individual offer now for your precisely planned test cabin designed for practical use. The advantage of SECU-CHEK as a system provider is that we offer all components and modules for evaluation and inspection cabins from a single source.

  • Test booths in systems for dye penetrant testing and penetration testing
  • Penetration systems and penetration lines with evaluation cabin
  • Darkening cabins in systems for penetration testing and penetration machines
  • Penetration systems using the penetration method with crack testing cabin
  • Penetration machines and systems for the fluorescent penetration process including cabin for visual evaluation

We would be happy to give you comprehensive advice on your upcoming project so that you receive a functional, technology-leading, future-proof test cabin for your NDT system.

We look forward to your inquiry!

You are also welcome to contact us by phone or email.

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