Light up your wafer inspection:
SECU-CHEK semiconductor inspection LED lamps


  • Wafer inspection with toned LED light (yellow or green)
  • Replacement for UV lamps
  • Replacement for mercury vapour lamps
  • High process reliability
  • Economically efficient
  • Easy to handle
Meet the standards of the industry! Reduce rejects and increase your ROI by securing high-quality output:
We offer customized, robust and low-maintenance LED lamps, specially designed for optical wafer inspection.Thanks to the very clear display of failures, our wafer inspection lamps secure your process reliability – and enable your company to save enormous amounts of energy during day-to-day business, compared to mercury vapour discharge bulbs.

Common questions concerning the visual wafer inspection using specialized lamps:

What is a wafer?

The term “wafer” can be translated as “thin biscuit” or “thin slice”. A wafer is a mostly circular baseplate for electronic components and elements, produced by so-called ingots.

Wafers are commonly used in chip production (integrated circuits), microelectronics, photovoltaic (solar cells) and microsystem technology. They are mostly made of silicone, silicone carbide, gallium arsenide and/or indium phosphide. Partly glass or gold is also used in wafers. Wafers can reach from 1 up to 18 inches in diameter, 18-inch wafers being not yet suitable for mass production.

More information about wafer production, wafer testing, etc. can be found here: Wikipedia

What are common errors in wafer production?

Typical errors in wafer production, that will make a wafer unsuitable for further use, could be contaminations, inclusions, growth disturbances, unevenness, veils, stripes, scratches, holes and many more. Our SLEX-GB-H127-SFN-DNF lamp can also help detect structural shifts, limited clarity, edge interferences and edge flattening.

How well are those errors recognizable with the SECU-CHEK yellow/green light lamp?

Damages on the wafer surface or in the wafer structure are easier to detect using our toned LEDs. This is due to the high contrast produced by the wavelength of green and yellow light rays.

What illumination and intensity do I need for reliable test results in wafer inspection?

Our LED lamp SLEX-GB-H127-SFN-DNF produces wavelengths of 546, 577 and 579 nm that offer the best possible conditions for detecting damage in your wafers.

Especially yellow wavelengths produce high contrasts, very similar to inspection lamps based on mercury vapour discharge bulbs.

How are inspection lamps integrated to enable efficient workflows?

Our SLEX LED lamps support the visual post-inspection of sorted wafers, following the automatic wafer inspection process. The handheld lamps are easily integrable into the wafer manufacturing process and will contribute to increasing your error detection rate. They can also be operated by mounting equipment for a hands-free use and/or operated through foot pedals.

What are the mounting options for the yellow light lamp in the laboratory area?

The lamps can be held in position for hands-free operation by our mounting equipment (magic arm). With the wall mount it can be mounted directly onto a wall or table. You can use one of the clamps to hold the lamp in place, or plug the Lamp directly on top of the pin. A second clamp can be used for fixation on table edges or other surfaces.

How do the safety mechanisms of the SLEX lamp meet the requirements of a professional production process?

Unlike other lamps, our inspection handlamps emit a specific wavelength that does not contain any harmful UV radiation or blue light radiation. So, there is no need for UV or blue light absorbent protection glasses or skin protection.

Which types of wafers can be tested with the SECU-CHEK yellow light lamp?

Our LED lamps are suitable for all kinds of materials and can reliably help detect damage and production faults on/in silicone, germanium, slicium carbide, gallium arsenide, sapphire, glass, etc. They can be used for the inspection of round as well as square wafers. They will perfectly support:

  • wafer inspection in semiconductor and chip manufacturing
  • wafer testing in photovoltaics
  • inspection and analysis of the surface of epitaxy wafers (EPI wafers) and SOI wafers
  • visual wafer inspection for bare, thinned and fan-out and strongly curved wafers (eLWB, etc.)
  • inspection of crystalline silicone wafers (UV lamp)
  • inspection of SEMI standard wafers
  • inspection of gold wafers
  • quality check of bonded wafers/wafers on tape
  • optical testing of monocrystalline wafers and also polycrystalline wafers
  • visual test of the surface of silicone wafers
  • testing of raw wafers and structured wafers
  • visual wafer surface testing for all wafer sizes: 1-inch (25mm), 1,5-inch (38mm), 2-inch (51mm), 3-inch (75mm), 4-inch (100mm), 5-inch (125mm), 6-inch (150mm), 8-inch (200mm), 12-inch (300mm), 18-inch (450 mm)

Our yellow/green light LED lamps will be perfectly adapted to your test situation. Request a SLEX lamp to test your wafers today!

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The advantages of green and yellow light rays for the inspection process:

Why you should choose SECU-CHEK LED technology for wafer surface inspection:

In manual wafer testing you need the best possible support for your attentive assessment. Yellow and green light exceeds at supporting your eyesight during inspections due to its high contrast.
While UV rays can only reach wavelengths of from 100 to 400 nm, our LED lamp SLEX-GB-H127-SFN-DNF produces wavelengths of 546, 577 and 579 nm that penetrate deeper beneath the wafer’s surface, similar to the peak wavelength of mercury vapour discharge bulbs.

Our wafer inspection technology for chip manufacturing and solar manufacturing will exceed your expectations

Our SLEX lamp is the modern, sustainable and safer alternative to mercury vapour lamps, which are no longer being produced. The lamps work flicker-free, don’t heat up and are dimmable, thus can be adjusted for the use on different types of surfaces. What made the mercury vapour lamp so popular, was its homogeneous and gentle radiation. But mercury light bulbs on the other had a very limited lifespan and thus had to be replaced regularly. Also they came with a long warm-up and cool-down phase, would heat up during use, emit a wide range of partly harmful rays and could not be adjusted in brightness.
As these bulbs are no longer manufactured, now is the time to take the leap into LED technology. Our goal when developing the hand lamp with LED technology was to mimic the mercury vapour lamp’s illumination homogeneity, while coming up with an overall customer-friendlier product. Our innovations include e.g. battery operation, electronic monitoring, the ability to use foot switches, etc. Compared to mercury vapour lamps, LED is a “switch on and go” technology.
No warm-up-phases. No heating up. No danger of burning or eye damage.
Instead, the lamps are ready for use, can be adjusted to your working area and don’t require protective clothing.

Advantages of our yellow/green light LED lamps:

  • soft lighting
    SLEX LED lamps produce various levels of brightness, adaptable to different surfaces
  • extremely uniform
    There are no significant brightness-deviations within the lighting field
  • adjustable
    The light strength of our SLEX can be adjusted
  • durable
    Thanks to LED-technology and active fan cooling, the SLEX lamp will last longer than mercury vapour light bulbs
  • customizable
    A UV wafer lamp can be integrated and we can adjust the lamp’s size
  • flicker-free
    LED-lamps provide constant lighting
  • repairable
    Parts of your SLEX lamp can be exchanged, if needed

Strong, durable, adjustable and customizable: Our yellow/green light lamps are the perfect LED-based replacement for mercury vapour or UV lamps to support the visual post-inspection of sorted wafers during automatic wafer inspection.

Customized for you

We have developed a modular lighting system, so we can add and remove various functions to meet your needs. Originating in UV LED technology, our goal was replacing potentially dangerous light sources (UV/mercury) with LED elements that emit coloured light. Our SLEX lamp now comes with yellow, orange, green, or various shades of white light.

As the manufacturer and developer of the wafer inspection hand lamps we will help you find the right tool for your product and your application. We currently offer up to 6 different colours, optimized for the detection of various errors.

With years of experience, we will find the tool and workflow that suits your application best.

To make sure, you feel safe with your choice, we offer our EU-customers a free-of-charge test for a week. Finding the right tool for your job is our priority; if you are interested in our customer experience, see the best practice examples in our blog.

Green light for your production:
Take your fault detection process to another level.

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Explore how the wafer production process is organized and which tools you need to secure a thorough wafer inspection. We offer professional support.

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Send us a price request for the wafer Semiconductor Inspection Lamp SLEX-GB-H127-SFN-DNF from SECU-CHEK!