Why costumers worldwide choose the SECU-CHEK UV-LED technology

Engineering & Manufacturing in Germany by NDT Experts for NDT Professionals

Extremely uniform beam

Automated stepless white light dimming

Qualification as Required

Electr. UV LED Monitoring

Industrial Grade Quality

Easy, Fast & Fatique Proof Inspection

Groundbraking Usability

Robust and Sustainable

Cost Efficient

German Engineering

SECU-CHEK offers you a wide range of perfectly adapted equipment and consumables for your individual test situation - and that with personal project support from A to Z by our NDT experts


Easy, Fast & Fatique Proof Inspection
– Optimal Visual Inspection and Machine Vision
– Ergonomic Vision and Handling
– Designed By Specialists for Visual Inspection

The Optimal Source For All Applications
– Torch Lamps / Flashlights
– Handlamps
– Semi Stationary Lamps (usable as Handlamp and Stationary)
– Stationary Lamps
– Splash Proof and Penetrant Proof Lamps
– Custom Designs
– Different Focus
– Various B-Series

Cost Efficient
– Long Life-Time
– Efficient Inspection
– Minimum Total Costs of Ownership (TCO)

Reliable and Secure Operation
– Monitored, Active Fan Cooling For Maximum Performance
– Professional Equipment for Industrial Application

Integrated Features
– Mix of Different Wavelength and Light Colours of White Lights
– Electric Monitoring With Security Shut-Off for reliable operation
– Adaption Time Signalization (Timer)

Customizable by User
– Integrated Features and Settings can be pre-adjusted by the user
– Large Choice of Accessories
– Various Power Supply and Plug Options

High Quality
– Stable Peak Wavelengths and Wavelengths Distibution
– Extreme Uniform Irradiation and Illumination
– Engineered and Made in Germany

Robust and Sustainable
– Lasting and Robust Design
– Local Sourcing (30% Regional, 45% German, 15% European, 10% Worldwide)
– Full In-House Capabilities from Design (Hardware and Software) over
Electronic and Mechanical Manufacturing up to Final assembly and


SECU-CHEK are experts in the industrial usage of UV-Radiation in different industrial branches. The availability of high-power UV-A-LED-Components and our experience with UV-LED-Lamps, NDT systems engineering and NDT process consulting for FPI lines presents the opportunity to manufacture UV-A light sources whose combination possibilities as well as their application possibilities are manifold. Through LED-Technology we are in the position to manufacture UV-A light source devices in unprecedented quality, UV-Intensity and dimensions. New combinations and circuit possibilities are now available that could not have been feasible before.

Based on our flexible and universal modular system, the highly qualified and motivated application und electronics technicians in Germany manufacture and optimise the SECU-CHEK state-of-the-art UV-LED-technology to offer you the perfect solution. With SECU-CHEK as a partner you are always up to date and future-proof . This allows us to offer high quality and perfectly specialised systems for the application in addition to the standard range. We always guarantee highest flexibility, quality and reliability of the UV-Lamps and the customer service. UV-LED technology for high-security areas: if failure is not an option

SECU-CHEK If Failure is not an Option

6 Reasons why to LOVE SECU-CHEK UV-LED Lamp Series

Secure Inspection
– Allows you to use your full field of vision
– Intergrated Timer to control the Adaption Time
– UV LED monitoring and System Health Monitoring with automatic Shut-Off (no manual checks required)
– Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV)

Easy Observation
– UV-Formity™ Technology for Clear View
– Large Central Beam (area ≥ 1.200 µw/cm²), soft drop from the center to the edges
– Optional Automatic Dimming White Light for uninterrupted observation and no flash-blinding of the eyes when using white light

Fast Detection
– Large usable Beam (area ≥ 100 µw/cm²) for immediate full overview
– Optimal support of the detection capabilites of the peripheral vision
– Full orientation on working surface

Fatique Proof Working
– Natural Free Eye Movement Support
– Ergonomic Design
– Light Weight

Easy & Stress-Free Interpretaion With Optional White Light
– Laminar, uniform and non-glare illumination
Optimal White Light Quality (5.700K, CRI ≥ 90)
– In-Use Adjustable White Light Output
– Mix of UV and White Light
– White Light only

Groundbreaking Usability
– One-Hand Operation During Inspection
– Lamp follows intuitively the view
– Optional Hands-free Operation of the White Light
– Large Range of Accessories avaialble
– Easy to maintain

Expert advice?

Call +49 6805-942859-0 / Email: info@secu-chek.de

  • Advice from experienced experts
  • Solutions individually tailored to your requirements
  • Price advantage through direct sales
  • Quality Made in Germany

SECU-CHEK is your partner in NDT

  • High Quality
  • Direct Customer Service, Direct Handling, Direct Support & Consulting
  • Modular Systems
  • Practic Experience
  • Individual Solutions
  • Wide Range of Standard Products
SECU-CHEK offers you a wide range of perfectly adapted equipment and consumables for your individual test situation - and that with personal project support from A to Z by our NDT experts


SECU-CHEK If Failure is not an Option

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SECU-CHEK UV-A-LED-Lamps and –systems are being used in different industries and applications:

  • Non-destructive testing (NDT), quality management
  • Curing of adhesives, resins, paints, varnishes and inks
  • Forensics and authenticity checks
  • Particle-,oil- and grease-detection
  • Fluorescent leak detection
  • Fluorescence excitation

You could not find the desired product or the needed information?

You have special requirements and you are not sure if your application could become simpler, faster or better with black light?

You would rather seek dialogue for your request?

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us with the above mentioned contact details!

You will be surprised how fast, uncomplicated and inexpensive many solutions can be. We can deliver you the suitable product.


SECU-CHEK is a member of or cooperates with the following standardisation bodies, trade- and industrial- associations:


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Buy UV-LED lamp directly from the manufacturer

Buy UV LED lamp

A UV lamp or UV-LED lamp is used in a wide range of applications. Especially in industry, UV lamps are now indispensable.
In the aviation industry, for example, tests are carried out with UV lamps for the quality control of engines and technical inspection of components in order to detect the smallest hair cracks and other defects.
This is called the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT). The NDT and thus UV-LED lamps have a great influence on the daily life of many people, without many people even being aware of this. UV lamps are used to test the chassis of aircraft, as well as glass panes and paint coatings, for cracks and jumps. Thus, UV lamps are of enormous importance, as they prevent possible accidents and disasters.
SECU-CHEK, a manufacturer of special UV LED lamps, has revolutionised the possibilities of testing materials and provides a higher level of safety and better display during testing with various functions such as the dimmable white light for UV lamps.

IF FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION - UV-LED lamps for safety-relevant applications

UV LED in industrial use – these are the advantages

NDT - UV-LED lamps for non-destructive material testing

UV LEDs are light-emitting diodes (LED) and work with ultraviolet radiation. The use of UV LED in non-destructive material testing (NDT) offers some advantages over the previously commonly used mercury vapor lamps.
The long-wave black light of the UV LED provides improved visual display when inspecting safety-critical components. In this case, certain fluorenic dyes are often used to further increase the visual capacity.
In addition to the visual aspect, UV LED lamps also have some economical advantages. In addition to the higher energy efficiency, which has a significantly lower energy consumption for UV LEDs, there is also a lower heat generation in the UV LEDs. Furthermore, UV LEDs are characterized by a very long service life and a significantly lower sensitivity to impacts etc. in practice.
Industrial users of UV-LED lamps benefit from the direct availability of the UV light source immediately after switching on. As a result, the UV LED can be switched on and off at any time and a so-called crossfade film can also be passed through with the patented automatically dimmable white light. This allows for a completely new, improved and, above all, faster visual inspection.

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