Bx Series UV-LED lighting systems



extremely even, low-shadow illumination
with the required intensity
in any large area

Ideal for fluorescent penetrant testing (NDT)

  • Checking the wetting and the test agent application
  • Intermediate cleaning and washing areas
  • Background lighting in evaluation booths

Decide on a SECU-CHEK test system that is precisely tailored to your requirements
with comprehensive process reliability
and guaranteed practical suitability

Why use Bx UV-LED modules?

  • High process reliability required for NDT
  • Economically efficient and trouble-free test operation desired
  • A solid NDT solution depends on many factors
  • Professional solution according to industry standard required

Frequent questions when planning

  • What illumination and intensity do I need for reliable test results?
  • Where / how are the lamps and controls integrated to enable efficient workflows?
  • What mounting options and free spaces are there in the system for the UV-LED modules?
  • Do the processes and security mechanisms of the individual components correspond to the requirements that we have to meet?
  • Who takes care of the construction of the system including instruction?
  • Are the individual components compatible with one another?
  • Does my budget plan fit the overall project?
  • What happens to unexpected additional costs if individual components are not compatible?
  • Can I keep to the schedule?
  • Who guarantees the functionality and practicality of the entire system?
Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection - UV-LED technology - NDT - Non-destructive Testing - aerospace process consulting - SECU-CHEK

"The Bx series with the SECU-CHEK UV-LED technology enables us to offer you a solution that is perfectly adapted to your test situation - and that from just one module"

Expert advice?

Call +49 6805-942859-0 / Email: info@secu-chek.de

  • Advice from experienced experts
  • Solutions individually tailored to your requirements
  • Price advantage through direct sales
  • Quality Made in Germany

Developed by NDT experts for NDT professionals

Optimal illumination in the required intensity

  • strong, extremely even, low-shadow illumination in the required intensity
  • Constantly even illumination with the UV formity technology
  • Revolutionary, dimmable white light, steplessly switchable (optional)
  • perfectly coordinated selection of modules in 7 performance classes


Flexible, multi-dimensional 360 ° universal mount

  • A wide variety of mounting options
  • Multi-dimensional, also angled alignment possible
  • space-saving integration for maximum user-friendliness


Hard-wearing and low-maintenance construction

  • Splashproof (IP67) and test equipment resistant
  • Easily exchangeable filter disc
  • Optional active fan cooling for a particularly long service life


Steering / control

  • Optional remote control for optimal user-friendliness and short walking distances
  • Key switch for individual processes and security levels
  • scalable system
  • optional system health monitoring
  • and much more.


Individual solutions with extended functions

  • international connector variants
  • Full earthing possible
  • Certification possible for all common standards, approved for all NDT applications
  • Radio remote control
  • Different UV intensity levels for testing the wetting and intermediate cleaning in one booth
  • PLC control (e.g. activation of washing water only after switching on the UV lighting to ensure process safety)
  • and much more.

We have put together a selection of model variants of the Bx UV-LED lamp series for you here:

UVS365 B3A15 FL – 365nm UV LED
Light with 5 LEDs (300x100mm)

UVS365 B3A25 FL – 365nm UV-LED
Spotlight with 8 LEDs (300x100mm)

UVS365 B3A50 FL – 365nm UV-LED
Inspection light with 15 LEDs (300x100mm)

UVS365 B3A80 FL – 365nm UV
Examination light with 20 LEDs (300x100mm)

UVS365 B6A20 FL – 365nm UV-LED
Large area light with 9 LEDs (600x100mm)

UVS365 B6A50 FL – 365nm UVA-Lamp
with 18 LEDs (600x100mm)

UVS365 B6A90 FL – 365nm UV-Lamp
with 33 LEDs (600x100mm)

We look forward to your inquiry!

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